The experience of growing up in two different cultures in the 1980’s and 90’s ; Ireland and America, continues to inform the way I perceive the world.

Our generation in Ireland didn’t really have cameras. Children weren’t trusted with expensive items and expensive items weren’t commonplace. The summer I turned thirteen I was given a used pentax in America. This event led to an obsession with recording the places and people I knew.

The way people act became a fascination to me. Film and photo offer a unique way to observe and portray.  There is a moment for me when I’m shooting, writing or directing when everything else disappears and the present moment seems to be heightened. 

My work as a photographer and filmmaker centers on illustrating issues of displacement, immigration and identity. Through these mediums I seek to show the close friendships, moments and events that transcend difference.

During the waking hours of 9 to 5 I am fortunate to work at Yale University.  I am also an Associate Fellow at the ISP, at the Yale Law School and a Nasty Women with Nasty Women CT