On this 4th, may there be peace, independence and community. Three things I have had to travel to find in my own life.

Nature and friends have always sustained me, meditation on sentient our own nature and the environment. Living in a divided state as a child in Ireland, then later organizing for change through art, theater and debate. These things forged strength in my voice. At 4 my family got on a boat to leave this country. I was to return annually. Regardless of country, border or race, we are human. All at times fragile at our core and as I sit with robins around me, my garden a beautiful oasis, even when in need of l care. I sit sipping my coffee and I'm grateful to of created a haven in a life that has closely witnessed a storm of politics. Making art and writing about the perceptions that can divide us if we don't dig deep, do the work or in my case, write it out. Modern dance, painting, film and my family have always steered me back to center.

Today I hope celebrations bring joy and when it's overwhelming. Take a moment, breathe. That alone is precious.